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Friday, 18 August 2017

Book in a Box/PaperArtsy Blog Project

Hi everyone, back again tonight with  my project that is linked/posted on the PaperArtsy blog tonight - Here.  I have loved using Tracy Scott's stamp sets to create this 'Book in a Box' project. The stamps are fabulous for art journaling. I'm sure many of you will know her work. She's one talented lady!
This project took me about four days to complete and I loved every minute I spent on it! I used my favourite PaperArtsy Fresco chalk paint colours. If you saw my blog post yesterday, this project has used virtually all the same ones. I always use a lot of colours, particularly bright ones, when I'm journaling and really, this journaling technique is what I have used on the box itself as well as the concertina book inside! 
I do think that in order to explain the steps I took to complete this project, I need to spread this explanation over 2/3 posts. So, tonight, I'm going to focus on how I created the box. Tomorrow, I will explain how I created the back of the concertina booklet and on Sunday I will explain how I completed it to display photos of my five gorgeous Grandfairies! 
This will give you an idea of all the paints I started off with - I added more colours later, before adding gelatos and PaperArtsy Infusions to the mix. A veritable Mixed Media project. So, how did I begin? 
I started with just a couple of Fresco paints after gessoing both the box and the booklet on both sides. I love these colours! 
Then, as I often do, I used some papers I had in my stash and ripped them up to add a layer of collage. These were so pretty and fitting for the purpose I wanted to leave some of the paper design showing through at the end. I also used some modelling paste (Golden) through a stencil randomly over the surfaces, including the sides. 
These are the colours I used to paint over the collage for the next layer as well as both sides of the concertina booklet. 
The next stage for both cover and booklet was to add a layer of stencilling. I have explained which ones I used over on the PA blog, but you can see many of them in the photo. 
Following a lot of stencilling, I added some more marks with gel pens and bottle lids dipped first in Fresco Snowflake, then Little Black Dress. 
Finally, the most fun part, was using Tracy's very first stamp set (and my favourite) to add a layer of stamping. I used gelatos to add colour within the stamped circles as I love the translucent effect over the previous layers. The other stamped images were coloured with Ranger Distress pens.
And this is the reverse. I love Tracy's quirky stamp images and I really love that border strip. I do hope you've enjoyed seeing how this came together and I look forward to showing you how I made the booklet that fits inside tomorrow night. I do hope you will join me again! Until then...

Pop over to the PA blog and have a look at all the wonderful, creative books that have been made over the past fortnight. I'm sure you will be inspired to have a go yourself. If you missed my blogpost yesterday, do have a look as I created a mini version of a concertina book in a tin! I love making mini books. 
I'd love you to comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Oodles of Doodles

Hi there everyone!
Well, I should be in York today with my older two Grandfairies but the visit has been postponed to next week as the forecast was 60% chance of rain! Fingers crossed its better next week.
I've had a lovely few days art journaling and completing some projects for PaperArtsy! The current theme is 'Book making' and although I'm no Wendy Mallas, I do love making journals and mini books in boxes and tins. So, after I'd finished a larger (took me ages) blog project for PA (due to post tomorrow at 7pm so please visit Here), I was hooked on making another, even smaller, booklet. I had already seen a post by Birgit  Koopsen where she created a mini book to doodle in. I loved that idea so I made my own version using PaperArtsy Fresco chalks and lots of PA stencils. All available Here.

 I started with the tin!
After two or three coats of gesso, I used a dry brush technique to add some of my favourite colours. This is for me so I was definitely going to use my favourite colours. 

As you can see from the lid, after an initial layer of paint, I started adding some PA stencil layers.
This one is PSO15. Then, lots more .
The one I have layered on top here is a mini stencil PM008. Next, I mixed some Bougainvillea Fresco chalk paint with some Golden modelling paste and pressed this through the middle of Tracy Scott's fab stencil PSO53.
This was left to dry overnight while I started on the mini concertina booklet that would go inside. 

I used Bockingford Watercolour paper 140ibs and managed to get three strips out of one 10" X 14" page Each section measured 3" X 3".
These strips were then attached to create one continuous concertina strip. Now, the fun part. This took a lot of painting. Dry brushing again to help blend the colours. 
Now, on top of this base layer of blended paint, I selected lots of stencils. Mostly PaperArtsy stencils but also a selection of Crafters Workshop, Clarity and Dylusions. After all, I had a lot of surface to stencil and although I intended to add some stamping this was intended to be mainly stencilled as I intend to doodle over the top. 

I used several colours to stencil over the base layer, varying the sections with light and dak colours. I wanted to leave plenty of opportunity to doodle on each section
And there we are! All ready for me to while away a few spare hours, especially waiting at the school gate for my Grandfairies to come out, and doodle to my heart"s content. I've already doodled on top
fo the coloured modelling paste on the tin lid, using a uni ball white gel pen although that will need to be sealed. I do hope you like my little booklet. I love it!

Until next time!xxx

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Contrast and Layers: PaperArtsy Project

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are! A mixed day here of sun and rain but I've been in my happy place: art journaling. My post tonight is a link up with the PaperArtsy blog: Here where I created an art journal page exploring the theme of contrasting dark and light layers. I loved completing this despite a lot of time spent cutting out a lot of Kim Dellow's gorgeous stamp images from her PaperArtsy Eclectica set: ELD06! A fabulous set for art journaling. I'm in love with the Daisy flower on this set.
I started by making the 'flowers' - I'm not sure that they are all flowers as they are certainly not all a typical flowers shape. They are gorgeously 'doodly' which is why I love them! I decided to use the gelli plate and a variety of substrates to produce dark and light contrasts within the 'flowers'. This also   avoided merely colouring in the images. The gelli plate achieves this more quickly and easily than I can by colouring and shading! I use a lot of colours when I'm art journaling and more so when I use the gelli plate. The great thing about PaperArtsy Frescos is - there's a lot of them! Such a variety of different tones and hues. I planned to use blues and greens and those colours either side of these on the colour wheel, thus only using analogous colours, so for the flowers I opted to use the lighter end of these colours to contrast with a much deeper, more bluesy background.
These are the ones I selected from the many I made! I love these monoprints results so much that I find it hard to stop. Each one is such a marvellous surprise. I used deli paper, PaperArtsy Tissue 
Stock, some pearlescent heavy weight papers I had in my stash and PaperArtsy 240gms SmootHy 
card. The ones I selected were a mixture of these. All from these colours: n
Delicious aren't they? As you can see, I have kept to the lighter turquoises/teals and yellows for the stamped images. This still allows me to produce dark and light contrasts within the 'flowers' but will also contrast with the much darker blue/violet background I had planned to place them on.
Before stamping and cutting the images out, I first stamped randomly over the monoprints, again to incorporate some dark and light contrasts within the 'flowers'. Now to make the background! 

I selected some darker tones but still within this colour family. To get the first couple of layers down quickly, and to blend them smoothly, I tend to use a baby wipe! 
My technique is usually the same for all my backgrounds: I start with selecting opaque colours for a first layer then incorporate more transparent colours over the top, leaving dark and light areas as I go. I then use various stencils to the next layers and alternate dark colours over light and light colours over dark. I carry on adding more and more paint through various stencils until I'm happy with the result. 
I've used a mix of PaperArtsy and Crafters Workshop stencils here. I do love those little flower stencils by Emma Godfrey: PM 008/ 02. I also love the complementary stencil set to Kim Dellow's stamp set: PS048
I have described how I used one of Kim Dellow's stencils and turned it into a stamp over on the PA blog. I used a Distress Oxide to do this. It's the lime coloured leaf on top of this background. This was added to echo the yellow/greens in the stamped images. Now it was just a case of arranging the 'flowers' across the background. Of course, a lot of stamping, doodling and further playing has also happened to this background! 

Here's a close up...

I hope you like my art journal spread and feel I've achieved what I set out to do i.e. Produce a contras
t of dark and light layers. Sadly, this is the final day of the current PA theme, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a play with this idea in your own art journals. Thankyou for stopping by, I would love to read your opinion as to whether you think I achieved it! Until next time!